Comma5 CRM Integration with XERO Accounting Software

Comma5’s integration with Xero allows you to manage your contacts in CRM, do your quotes and manage sales in CRM, Create the sales order in CRM and then send it to your accounting system for invoicing. So your sales and service people have a system, and then the accounting team has their system.


Contacts Synchronising

It is possible to send a contact from Comma5 CRM CRM to Xero. Although in most cases, contacts are actually automatically created when creating an invoice (if they did not previously exist in Xero) – it is possible to send a contact from CRM to Xero.

If the contact data changes in the CRM, it is automatically updated in Xero each time a record is sent to the accounting system which has something to do with the particular contact (Invoice, Purchase Order) (which is quite likely since it’s the sales and customer service people normally interacting with the customer…not the accounts department.

Sales Order to Invoice

This is probably the most used functionality within our customer base – once a sales order is completed it can be sent to Xero.

It’s possible to send a sales order from CRM to Xero @ any time (even if the sales order remains open in Xero). The nice thing is you can see on the sales order if they have paid or not…

Purchase Orders to Purchase Orders 

A benefit of using purchase orders in CRM is that a sales order can be used to generate one or may purchase orders really quickly, using items off of the existing sales order which can be manipulated. All purchase orders can be viewed against a project, allowing easy tracking. Purchase orders are sent to Xero from Comma5 CRM at the click of a button,

Contracts to Invoicing

Once you’ve created a customer contract in your CRM (which can be created from a sales order @ the click of a button), You can send it to Xero and set up recurring billing. The purpose of contracts in Comma5 CRM is to manage contract revenue (Annual Contract GP), services associated with the contract and then finally files & documentation, including the actual contract itself which can be generated from CRM.