Website Integration with Comma5 CRM

Your website needs to play more of a role when it comes to servicing your clients online.

You can integrate the following website functionality with your CRM.

  1. Contact Us Form – Added directly into CRM as website lead or service request with full contact details supplied from website.
  2. Request Quotation From – Added directly into CRM as website lead (Web2Lead) with full contact details supplied from website.
  3. Get Help / Support / Booking – Added directly into CRM as Service Request (Web2SR) with full contact details supplied from website.


Web2 Service Desk

How it works

Using a Javascript added to your website page on which the form is located, we collect the following fields:

  1. Name (your-name)
  2. Company (your-company)
  3. Email (your-email)
  4. Phone (your-phone)
  5. Selection Field (leadTags)
  6. Notes (your-message)
  7. Subject (your-subject)
  8. Category (category)

These fields are sent to CRM when the “submit” button is pressed on the form.

The system first checks does the person exist? If not, then it will create the person as a lead or contact. If the person exists, it will add to existing person history. 

This is the code to be used for Contact Form 7 on Wordpress. Simply add this to the page as RAW HTML. Change XXXXX to your CRM address.


<script language=’javascript’ type=’text/javascript’ src=’’ id=’weblead’></script>



If you want to add directly to Service Request then use webcall.js instead of weblead.js in the above script src like this.

<script language=’javascript’ type=’text/javascript’ src=’’ id=’webcall’></script>

Also, you need to add the following to your contact form 7 script

[hidden leadSource “Website”]

[hidden your-country id:country]

[hidden your-city id:city]

[hidden your-state id:state]

[hidden your-region id:region]

[hidden your-region id:postalCode]


Feel free to get in touch with our support team to assist you in configuring Web2Lead and Web2Helpdesk functionality


Current Know Limitations / Issues

  • There is no check for duplicate lead (email, name+company) – in other words, it’s possible for the same person to be added multiple times as a lead.
  • You are limited to one (1) multiselect field