Users and Roles

There are 2 components to user administration in Comma5 CRM.

  1. User Management -for Adding Users, Changing Password, User Settings, Deleting Users
  2. User Roles – for grouping of users into specific roles within the organisation. Each role is assigned priveleges, views and settings


Examples of Roles that might be defined in your CRM

  1. System Administrator – Person who can configure system settings and changes. This should be limited…we recommend only one person
  2. SuperUsers – like system admin, but can’t adjust technical system settings. Suitable for most sys admins
  3. Management – Can’t change system settings, but can see everything in the system, and delete records
  4. Business Development Rep – Add and manage their own leads
  5. BD Team Leader – mange a team of lead generators (telesales, marketing etc) – responsible for generating qualified leads
  6. Sales Rep – Can see their sales or all sales etc.
  7. Sales Manager – can see all sales related
  8. Projects Team – all projects / sales related
  9. Projects Manager – can see all sales/order related
  10. Engineer / Tech = see their assigned requests, unassigned etc…
  11. Service Desk Manager – can see all service desk
  12. Reception/Admin – Contacts Edit, Add


Accessing Users

Click settings > Users

From the Users screen it is possible to do the following:

  • Add Users
  • Remove Users (or rename in case of roll-replacement)
  • Reset Passwords
  • View Inactive or Deleted Users
  • Import a list of users

Click on actual user to make specific changes to the users details.

Renaming a user (useful for new person take over from old one)

To change a username, you need to click on user, then click more, reset password. On the set new password screen, select the little pencil next tu username.


Accessing Roles

Click settings > Roles





Feel free to get in touch with our support team to assist you in managing users or configuring roles.


Current Know Limitations / Issues

Please let us know if you experience any issues