5 tech tips for when everyone is at home

Let’s face it, things have REALLY changed

Who could ever have imagined that we’d be in a situation like this in 2021, where our homes have become our place of business for many of us. This is a change brought about by COVID and it’s quite possible that things may never totally go back to the way they were. (All in the office, working off the file server and office PC).

Businesses are faced with the challenge of still having to provide the same experience their customers expect.

For business managers and owners, managing a remote team is another challenge. There’s a big difference when teams are sitting together at the office, with clear visibility on who is doing what.

Having a cloud strategy is crucial to navigate through these challenges and succeed. Here’s some food for thought:

Let your website work for you!

Your website is not only there to look good. You need to start using your website as a business tool that provides self-help access. Drive users to your website and allow them access to self-service options in order to assist them with their queries. 

Make sure your customers can connect with you

Providing multiple digital channels for your customers to connect with you such as social media, website, email, voice, fosters a good working relationship. 

Make sure your employees can work as a team

Just as your customer has access to connect with you, make sure your teams are frequently updating your customers with up-to-date information that is relevant to their queries. Make sure your teams have the in-house tools to update customers seamlessly.

Shared data

Contact details, files, quotes, and every touchpoint on the customer needs to be documented and saved in a shared repository that is easily accessible to your entire team, regardless of where they are. This ensures that you are all working on the same version, no duplications of effort, and the customer gets the same story!

Monitoring your team members

Ensuring that all team members have an even workload is tough, even tougher when you have to do it remotely. Just because you can see they are online doesn’t mean they are getting the job done. 

Make sure your CRM is able to give you a Management view of your team members, what they are working on and the timelines of these jobs. You also need to have sight of the service levels required and achieved.

Go Cloud

Cloud is your PASS to getting more efficient and fruitful outcomes with your Team! At any given time, any team member can step in and support your customer with no disruptions. 

Apart from the obvious benefits that cloud computing has to offer, ie. data security, lower costs, flexibility, it facilitates the ability for people to work remotely together as a team. Cloud is a quick win!

Managing your customer from any location can be done as effectively as if you were all in the office. With Comma5 CRM you can grow your sales and retain your customers at the click of a button. It’s never been this easy.