Good Service builds success.

For use in call centres, help desk environments or in any customer service process which involves the capturing and managing of service requests, jobs, complaints and more.

It ensures incidents are ticketed, prioritized, assigned and tracked until closure –  allowing you to meet your SLA targets, and ultimately your service delivery objective. Happy customers!

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Quick to get going.

We'll have you up and running in no time. It's easy.

Notifications & Templates

Customisable, automated email and SMS notifications for team and customer communication.

Build a timeline

Maintain a full history of each of your Customer requests or Jobs.

Web / Intranet integration

Have your customers or team capture requests directly onto your website or company intranet.

Product Lists

Product lists make it quick and easy to generate quotations, job-cards, orders, contracts, and invoices.


Keep track of time utilized for each Job or request.

Frequently asked questions

Service requests can be categorised in a number of ways either when logged, or thereafter.

By Category and related sub-category, Request Type, Area / Country / Town (Location), Priority, Owner.

Yes, for sure. Contacts form the heart of our CRM system. Everything revolves around contacts. So for example, I could search for a specific contact and then drill down to view all current and previous service requests open for that customer, along with a full timeline of interactions since the contact was added to your system.

By default, the assignee would receive an email (sms as an option). The assigned request would also be visible in their CRM. Sending a list of daily outstanding requests is also possible.

Yes, a configurable email message is sent to you customer. It’s also possible to have these confirmations sent via SMS.

On closing the request, you are forced to add closure comment. We also have a number of custom fields which would allow you to track time spent etc.