Securing your data

Comma5 takes your data security and privacy seriously. We utilise a variety of best-practice platforms, technologies and procedures to ensure your data is as safe and secure as possible.

Where is your data stored?

We only utilize tier-1 hosting providers (currently Google Cloud only) who have absolute best-practice in place for securely hosting data. The actual data centre in which your CRM resides will depend on your location, but can be moved within the standard Google cloud zones and data centres.

Data Storage

Data is stored in an encrypted format and not readable from the database directly. Furthermore, since we store our data in cloud-based data centres, the data is distributed across multiple data centres for redundancy.

Data stored in Google Cloud Platform is encrypted at the storage level using either AES256 or AES128. Google uses a common cryptographic library, Tink, to implement encryption consistently across almost all Google Cloud Platform products.

Intrusion prevention is achieved using the technology provided by Google Cloud. 

Data Transmission

Data is transferred between our web server and your browser using https / SSL.

Application Level Security

Various access levels and privileges allow users to only view or download data they have access to. 

You essentially control who has access to what data. A full access log and audit trail is maintained of each user accessing the system.

Data Backup

Your data is backed up in the form of daily snapshots (automated) in our Google Cloud Servers.

You also have the ability to back your data up to your local hard-drive by exporting all of the data into .xls