System Configuration Overview – Comma5 CRM

It’s possible to fully setup your basic CRM in less than an hour using our standard settings which can be modified and enhanced as you progress on your CRM journey.

The following represents the typical basic steps to getting going with your CRM.

  1. Login – go to If you forgot your password you can reset it here too…
  2. Create Users, assign to role
  3. Individual users should set up their profiles
    • Correct details (name, title, manager, email, phone)
    • Secure Password
    • Photo
    • Email Signature
    • Signed signature (for quotes)
  4. Configure Settings
    • Company Logo
    • CRM Email address (info or
    • Apps needed
    • Currency, GST/VAT, Work days
    • Bulk email and SMS integration
    • XERO integration
  5. Configure general templates
    • Report / Company banner
    • Automated birthday email
    • Quotation template/s
    • Sales Order confirmation mail to customer
    • Service Desk messages to customer (new, closed)
  6. Configure each module enabled
    • Leads
    • Contacts/Companies
    • Tasks
    • Quotes
    • Sales Orders
    • Service Desk
  7. Configure Custom filters / views
  8. Configure Custom desktops/dashboards
  9. Configure Custom Reports
  10. Tweak and innovate – this continues forever…