Why is it Good?

  • Very powerful, all files stored in one place under each customer. Regardless of whether proposals, meeting minutes, plans, images, or any document relevant to your customer management process.
  • Easy to find against the customer in CRM or in Google Drive folder (or local Google Drive folder on your device)
  • Redundancy – your files will reside in Comma5 CRM and be synchronized with Google Drive at the same time.
  • Google Drive allows you to store files on your local PC too – meaning all your customer CRM files could be made available on your device through a folder containing all companies and contacts in your CRM that have files upload / associated with them.
  • Opens up easy use of Google Apps by creating docs, sheets, slides directly from CRM
  • Templates allow you to quickly open templates for meetings, applications, etc.

How it works

  1. Each time a file is uploaded to a company in Comma5 CRM, a folder is created in Google Drive allowing files to be stored against that company in CRM or directly in the Google Drive folder (which will still show in CRM)
  2. If you don’t see the files you need, try refreshing to check for changes
  3. Allows creating of slides, sheets, and docs directly in C5
  4. When creating a folder on the CRM under files it will create a folder on the Drive under that specific Company 

How do I enable and use the functionality?

  1. Go into settings, enable Google Drive Sync, and Authorise your account

Things to Note

  1. Files can be uploaded to just about any record (lead, quote, order, service request) and will show against the customer (contact or company)
  2. When a record is deleted in CRM (eg. a company, then the folder with files will not be automatically deleted in the CRM