Contact Management in CRM

Contacts Management

Centralise your contact data. Everything in one place, secure & easy to find with full customer segmentation.

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Comma5 CRM sales

Sales Management

Improve sales by managing leads through to orders, quickly creating quotations and sales orders.

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Comma5 CRM Service Desk

Customer Service

Track any inbound customer requests or jobs through to completion.

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Comma5 CRM will help you.

We assist many small-medium sized organisations globally with the digitizing and automation of their sales and customer service processes using our platform.

An Improved customer experience (CX) results in improved retention of existing customers and acquisition of future ones – both being important in growing any business.

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Cloud Based

Securely store and access your data in the cloud from anywhere.


Excellent value includes online help and support services.

Easy to use

No training needed and we're here to help you anytime.


We'll customise your CRM to suite your needs.


Start with the apps you need and add as you grow.

Integrated Apps

Tasks, Leads, Quotes, Orders, Service Requests and more.

Still using spreadsheets to manage your sales or customer service processes? There is a better way.

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Comma5 CRM Dashboard
My business has been running on comma 5 CRM since 2011 and I can honestly see the vast improved in our customer retention ratio!!!Ronald CharumaJune 20, 2016
Very user friendly, highly recommend for sales and ordersEuan AndersonJune 29, 2018
We've migrated from spreadsheets to an integrated system which we can all work on. This gives us excellent insights into constantly evolving our strategy with regards customer experience.Gregory AlloysJune 29, 2018
Comma5 CRM excellent for sale and service, We strongly recommend it and its user friendlyAmith KhanJuly 3, 2018
Comma5 CRM product helps our business a lot. We highly recommend it.P MADHURIJuly 3, 2018
Really happy with with Comma5, does everything and more. Team are great to work with and accommodate to our needs.Lisa PurdueJuly 8, 2016
Excellent product ( Sales, Service Desk, Product ) - Great SupportMani KumarJuly 13, 2018
Extremely fast and reliable system, and I have managed to get double the amount of leads in the company I work in due to this system. Support staff are in communication constantly.Yuniva RajulaJuly 3, 2018
Comma5 CRM have been a life saver in getting my new business from the dark ages into the 20th century. No issue is an issue to them. They are always willing to assist and turn around time has been remarkable. Within 24hrs my questions have been answered and resolved. Thank you and looking forward to getting my business automatedLara HobbsJune 8, 2018
What awesome software! Keith and the Comma5 CRM team has done a great job - and with the support to match. Everything you need in a CRM and more. Keep it up guys!Gideon RouxJuly 7, 2016
Excellent for sales and servicesarath GJuly 3, 2018
Interesting software. Makes work a lot easier. Its easy to learn too. The support team always acts promptly when I encounter issues.Loveness MahamboJuly 12, 2016
Really easy to useNavana MaraisJuly 17, 2018
What we liked was the assistance and support we received from the team at Comma5. This is what makes them different - our CRM has evolved into exactly what we needed in our business (and continues to evolve and improve) - not wasted money on software which was never used because there wasn't traction and uptake by the business. Thanks C5 Team!Venter Trailers AustraliaJune 9, 2018
Comma 5 has been very helpful in various office tasks dealing with clients. It has amazing features that enable us to attend to the clients needs and specifications. It's fantastic for sales and orders!Divija AkellaJuly 3, 2018
Comma5 is the best, an end to end package that gives one access to client info in seconds. The different platforms built in makes it possible to literally run the business with one system - C5. Having used it and even trained on it, i can confidently say It is easy to use, accurate in reporting and the support team is always on point too. A super system.Dee LetshwitiJuly 7, 2016
After 5 years of dealing with this team I would not use anything else. The software constantly evolves to meet our business needs and their service is excellent. Highly recommended.Marion SimonApril 3, 2019
Comma5 CRM software is customization and user friendly, it helps a lot to grow business in sales and services.Babu SarathJuly 3, 2018
Comma5 is a superb and awesome software that makes managing a business something to write home about. Having used it from 2009 up to now for logging calls, projects, reports, quoting for the sales people, i highly recommend businesses to use it. It is so easy to use. IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST TOOL FOR ANY BUSINESS.Limbo BaikakediJuly 7, 2016
Excellent for sales and service.Sandpiper Villas ChobeFebruary 4, 2018
The best CRM, user friendly and actually promotes customer retention as customers are always updated about what is happening.Mompati SeiteiJuly 7, 2016
We switched to COMMA5 and have found that their service and training to be outstanding. They have customised their CRM to our specific needs, always giving prompt and thorough attention to our questions.John BlakeleyJuly 3, 2018
Excellent Product - Great Service and Support. Comma 5 is very user friendly, We would highly recommend it..Phil ThersbyJuly 7, 2016
Really flexible system.Made in the ShadeJune 27, 2018
I am using comma5 for past 3 years previously i tried many CRM like sugar CRM, Vtiger etc, once i start using this Comma5 with their Google Apps , it really made my business easy to manage the customers . Highly recommended to small scale businessRamanan VenkatchalamJuly 7, 2016
Joanne PitschlitzJuly 19, 2017
Excellent product and after sales support. Looking forward to a long term relationship and potentially more products.Francesco ManisJuly 7, 2016
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